Where to start…

If you were curious about the person behind this blog and read my ‘About’ section, then you’ll be well aware that I have signed myself up for a 10K and a half marathon. If not, then yes, some may say I am mad, but I have signed up for a 10K in August and half marathon in September. *Cue the worried faces and gasps*.  I’ve never been a keen runner and never felt the absolute urge and motivation to take it up, until now. Well, I don’t really have a choice really… it’s either do it and accomplish something that I never thought I would ever be able to do, or waste £50+ on registration fees! Think I will choose the former, I do enjoy proving myself wrong.

If you’re like the old me and reading this agreeing with the fact that it is hard to find the motivation, think you have no energy and think you can’t even do that in a million years. Well, you can. There are three stages of taking up running when you’re a complete novice that I have found… Once you get to stage 3, you’re laughing!
1. Oh yes, running I can do this!
2. *After your first run* Oh wait, no. I feel like I need a hip and knee replacement but I’m only 24 years old….
3. This is actually not as bad as it seems, I can definitely do this!!!!! (especially when you can see rain coming in from the distance, and you have your fancy as heck headphones on that your boyfriend got you for Christmas…)

The first run is the worst, and once you have that one out of the way, you’ll be flying! Don’t ever get down if after your first run your hips or any part of your body hurts, don’t let that initial pain set you back. If you haven’t run in years or for a short while, of course, your body will hurt but your body will soon get used to it when you build up your stamina. Even though I am physically active playing hockey once or twice a week, I have a very low stamina when it comes to cardio fitness. Long distance running is very different to playing a team sport like hockey, football or rugby.

My motivation well and truly hit me this weekend when I was kindly given my first ever proper running shoes, socks, top and shorts. Having proper running shoes is a complete and utter MUST, trust me. I have the worst feet ever, they are flat, narrow, low ankle bones and my gait is horrendous. If you go to a professional running shop they will analyse the way run in order to find the best shoes for you. [SHOUT OUT TO UP AND RUNNING IN YORK!] Originally, when I tried on a random pair of trainers just to gauge my running style, it was clear that I roll my left foot before landing and also land very heavily heel first. I was then given the shoes as pictured above to try on and instantaneously I could see the difference in my running style. These shoes have extra support on the heel and on the inner part of the shoe to stop me rolling my foot. Even though running shoes can be expensive, it’s a lot better than being injured, miserable and hating running when wearing the wrong shoe for you. I can vouch for that!

So, my first run I ran 5K in 37 minutes with a pace of around 11’18” per mile and with a 290FT elevation gain (it’s rather hilly where I live!). It was a run that consisted of running and walking at intervals. As long as you are out there and trying, that is all that matters regardless of the speed and distance!

Take the plunge, and take up running with me!

Laura x 



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