It’s okay to rest

I think everyone who is training for something, or just loves to work out all experience the same situation when you feel guilty for not doing anything when you feel absolutely exhausted. I used to be so guilty of comparing myself to other people, but it’s so easy these days with social media – as the majority of people will post their ‘best’ bits of their lives, and you might sit there thinking ‘why am I not doing this too?’. While someone might be working out 5 times this week, you might only manage 2 times this week and you know what, that is perfectly fine and normal. It’s so important to listen to your own body. If your body is telling you ‘no, I want a rest’ when it’s very tired, then take a rest. This is what I am doing this week. At the weekend I had a sorcher of a weekend down in London to see my favourite pianist, and managed to walk a whopping 8 miles and ran 1.5 miles before. I’ve also had a lot on with volunteering this week, a shift at work and 2 evenings of hockey.

We can only ever do our best, and if you just aren’t feeling as energetic as usual, rest up. Particularly ladies around that time of month! You all know what I mean, when your energy levels plummet. If you are resting this evening/week here’s a few pictures of London this past weekend 🙂

Laura x 


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