Back to it!

I haven’t ran for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I took the time off the week before my holiday to Greece to recuperate my body and energy levels. My energy was rock bottom. Phew. Wanted to nap everyday all day. Damn being a lady, at times! I did have hockey practice and a veeeeeery hot and sticky hockey game on that Thursday. So, I haven’t just been sat on my ass. I also did a lot of decorating. I painted my downstairs toilet and my spare room. Last week I was in Greece, on an island called Skiathos. It was beautiful. But we arrived in a heatwave and the temperature had read 46.7’c one day, far too hot for any kind of exercise. I haven’t been in extreme heat ever in my life, so I reallllly struggled, like mega struggled! Luckily temperature dropped to mid 30s, but even then it was far too hot for any running. I did want to do some running on holiday, and packed my gear.

Running. Let’s get back on it. I think I need to sit down and write down all the places I want to run. Doing the same route every time you head on a run will become a chore, and pretty boring. Variety is key to life, spice it up! I’m recovering from my body being pathetic thinking it is in Greek time, which is only 2 hours ahead. But it is making me feel a bit nauseous, as all I want to do is eat lunch at 10am…… Why you do this to me stomachhhhhh.

L x


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